Video Show Plan

This week we were given the option of two video assignments; one option consisted of working individually in order to complete 10 stars of video assignments, while the other option is to work in groups similar to your radio show and create a video show. So with that Christiana Meyers, Katie Rauch, and myself decided […]

Remixing The Web

This week has been all about the web! Between participating in web assignments and exploring how storytelling can be told through web I have had the opportunity to partake in some pretty cool assignments. One assignment in particular that we were asked to do this week was called web storytelling. This asked that students essentially […]


This evening I had the pleasure of tuning into ds106 radio to listen to some of my classmates very own radio shows they created from the previous two weeks. I was super excited to listen in because everyones show’s had very different ideas and themes so with that I was excited to see it or […]