A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

For my final assignment this week from the writing assignment bank I chose a three star assignment. This brings me to a total of ten stars with my first two assignments being four and three stars. That being said the assignment I chose was called a picture is worth a thousand words.

The assignment asked me to…

Your task for this assignment is to find a picture and write a background or short story for it. It can be a photo you took yourself or found on the internet. This story could be based on a true event if the picture is from your personal collection, or completely made up if you are using a funny picture you found online. Be sure to tag it properly!

I decided to design this assignment around our secret agent theme and the character I created in my character dossier.

To anyone this is just a picture of a car with some mountains behind it. But to secret agent Juliet Stones this is everything.

Juliet Stones is a princess by day but secret agent by night ruling and saving England from any harm. Her two prized possessions are her tiara (duh) and her aston martin (pictured above). While the tiara certainly is important Juliet’s aston martin is far superior.

An aston martin is a car but not just any car. It is a luxury sports car founded by a British independent manufacturer. While it’s regarded as a British cultural icon it also is regarded as Juliet Stones world.

Stones aston martin isn’t like many aston martins. Her sports car does more than just get her to and from places. This precious item of hers serves as one of her secret agent gadgets. Without this car Juliet probably could be dead. Her aston martin is programmed to know where she is at all times and can drive itself to her if she is in need of help or an escape. Along with that it has numerous high tech gadgets inside of the vehicle which help her complete her missions. The car contains numerous radars, guns, computers, cameras, laser, jets, even an expresso machine, and much more.

The photo above is of Juliet’s aston martin resting after a completed mission early one morning in the country side. While many agents may have sidekicks Juliet looks to her aston martin as a sidekick. She even named it, Steel because of its color and inability to be destroyed.

As Juliet continues her journey of being a secret agent Steel will play a crucial role along the way. Stay tuned.

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