Been There Done That

With my first digital storytelling assignment down I decided to challenge myself slightly more when choosing my second assignment for the week. When looking at the assignment bank again I pondered what category I wanted tackle this time. I decided to choose an assignment from the animated GIF assignments. Since being a communications and digital studies major I have participated in numerous digital studies classes that have discussed and played with GIFs. I figured this could be fun.

I decided on completing the assignment “Been There”. The instructions seemed simple…

Take a moment from a movie that you can relate too and make a gif out of it. Emotions, expressions and embarrasing moments would work well!

Thankfully I learned how to make a gif in my intro to digital studies course. The first step I took in creating this assignment was brainstorming what movie I wanted to make into a gif. Similarly I had to ask myself what is relatable?

I decided to create a gif from the movie CarsĀ 2. For those who are not familiar with this film it is a sequel to the pixar movie Cars. The main premise of the movie is that Lightening Mcqueen a race-car goes over seas to race. While competing, his best friend who travels with him Tow Mater, gets mistaken for a spy and goes on this journey to save the world.

I wanted to use this movie because I wanted to dedicate this assignment to our course theme in some way. The espionage theme of the movie couldn’t fit our secret agent theme more perfectly.

After choosing which movie to use I found a clip on youtube from Cars 2 that I thought was perfect for my relatable gif. Once picking the clip I was able to copy and paste it into a gif generator called giphy. This site allows users to make a gif in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is upload a video and trim it down to the exact seconds you want to capture your gif. Finally you can add words or symbols, ultimately enhancing your gif.

This is my finalized “relatable” gif. I chose a scene in the film where Tow Mater was switching between disguises, attempting to pick one. As secret agents we are always trying to decide what disguise is best to wear when going out on missions. However deciding isn’t always easy, even for Mater. I added the words at the bottom because I thought this would make my gif easier to understand. If I hadn’t added words it probably wouldn’t have made much sense to people.

Ultimately I just wanted to make something silly yet creative for this assignment. I was inspired by our theme and a kids movie that I have no shame in saying I love. This gif tells a story of a secret agent going through the daily struggle of trying to figure out disguises. I learned that I can have fun with this theme and find something secret agent in everything.

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  1. Christiana Meyers says: Reply

    This is awesome! I especially love how you made this GIF from a video clip! I think a lot of times people see GIFs but don’t really understand where they come from or how they are created. But its really cool to see how there is a lot of easy websites and tools available to anyone to make creative, personalized gifs! Good job!

    1. Thanks Chris! You’d be amazed at how many websites there are that allow us to create gifs. I think it’d be cool if we could explore them more and utilize them in a lot of our work. It’s fairly easy to convey how we’re feeling through these moving pictures.

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