Girl gadgets are here!

For my second audio assignment this week I decided to keep the momentum going and chose to do an assignment that allowed for me to create content for my radio show, “Girl Power”. Fictional Radio Ad is a four and a half star assignment that asked individuals to create a fictional radio of their choosing for a company. I thought this assignment was perfect due to the fact within our radio shows we need numerous commercials. So I got to work.

I, like all other audio assignments, used audacity to create my commercial. I first began to think of different commercials I could make, I didn’t want to be redundant and I didn’t want to be boring, plus I had to keep in mind the theme of my show. That’s when the perfect commercial hit me. I decided to advertise the hat Perry the Platypus otherwise known as Agent P wears when on secret agent missions. However I added a twist. We all know Perry is a male so I decided to have him sell female versions of his hat to establish the idea of equality. I thought this was perfect idea to fit our theme and incorporate women even more into the secret agent theme. Essentially you could look at the hat as a gadget necessary for succeeding as an agent.

I created my ad through audacity and started with an intro song which happens to be Agent P’s theme song. I recorded the sound and then faded it out so I could come in and introduce the product and all that it has to offer. From there I then faded out my voice and faded in the theme song again to ultimately end the commercial. Once I finished creating my audio I saved it as an MP3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud with my cd cover. I was pretty satisfied with my commercial. I wanted to create something useful for our show “Girl Power” and was happy that I could tie in another secret agent, even if it wasn’t a girl. I think by using Perry we are sharing this idea of diversification in the secret agent theme. Having a male agent create a female product is awesome and should happen more.

Overall I was glad I was able to stick with our theme and combine worlds. I found the overall assignment challenging and relied on my creativity to get me through it. I know two of my group mates created commercials that promoted the upcoming Nancy Drew movie and a spy school. So upon hearing that I wanted to create a commercial that would work for our theme, that being females, but also be different from their’s ultimately bringing variety to our show. So I decided to advertise gadgets or spy equipment. I think I did a decent job and am happy our show “Girl Power” is getting kick started!

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