Gram About It

For my last web assignment this week I decided to end with a two and a half star assignment called create finsta Instagram. I felt this would be another fun and creative activity I could do that would also give me the opportunity to connect my work back to my groups radio show “Girl Power”.

So with that I made my groups radio show “Girl Power” an Instagram!

Ultimately this activity asked that you create a finsta, which in the Instagram world is a fake Instagram account in which you don’t take on your original identity. On these accounts you can be whoever you want to be or post whatever it is you want to post in a private space. However, while the assignment you to make a finsta for a character unlike yourself I felt this was the perfect opportunity to create a specific Instagram dedicated to my groups show. Essentially by creating this account I was able to post content we talked about and began to advertise our show more.

Check out some of my initial posts!

Follow this account to learn and hear more about “Girl Power”!

I wanted to create an Instagram account for our show “Girl Power” because I felt while it was a way to advertise our show even though it has already aired, it also is a way for the conversation or theme of our show to continue to be talked about. Overall we really wanted to discuss female empowerment and how females are portrayed and exist in the secret agent genre. While the Instagram account that I made mainly displays the flyers, logos, sticker, and females mentioned in our show it is also a way to continue to discussion of our topic further. Likewise I could potentially give this account to my other fellow group mates and they could possibly further add content to it.

Making an Instagram account is fairly easy, I had already made one for this class so it was a piece of cake making another one. Essentially all I had to do was create a name and bio along with make my initial posts. I overall really liked the way my account came out I felt it was designed in a simplistic way while still managing to encompass the concept of our show. I really hope everyone takes a look at it and maybe along the road my group will further expand on it!

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