Guess That Story!!

For my second web assignment this week I decided to do a three star assignment called guess the story. This assignment asks that individuals attempt to tell a particular story using gifs and providing some simple hints. These stories can be anything and the harder they are to tell the harder it is to guess.

So with that I mainly put together five gifs that display the premise of a popular television series. Being a tv show it’s hard to put together a story with gifs of one particular episode so I thought it’d be cool to put together a couple gifs that are consistent with the theme of the show instead. That being said I found my gifs on the website giphy which is a site that contains thousands of gifs and has been something that I have used numerous times throughout this semester in this course. I love this site and rely on it of most of gifs. Once I found the five gifs I wanted to use I just copied the embed code and pasted it below.

See if you can guess what show I’m hinting at by looking at the gifs below!

Clue: In her free time you can catch her at the football field working on her cheerleading.

Clue: Or munching on some delicious tacos and burritos with her friends at the best Mexican place in town.

Clue: Sometimes… okay all the time… she’s hanging around God’s disgusting mistake, other wise known as a naked mole rat.

Clue: She’s always using her trusty phone to contact friends, family, and other important people. You’ll never see her go without it.

Clue: Oh and she sometimes saves the word!

If you guessed the television show Kim Possible, you’re correct!

This activity was super fun to do and I loved how easy it was to create. I think it helped spark a bit of a creative side in me. I decided to create the story of Kim Possible through the use of gifs because it was something that was highly discussed in my groups radio show “Girl Power”. I wanted to somehow tie this activity back to our radio show in some way. While it wasn’t anything major in terms of expanding on what we talked about I in some way managed to incorporate a specific person we discussed in our show.

Kim Possible is super awesome secret agent who strives to break borders in a male dominated genre. In our show “Girl Power” we really focused on talking about individuals like her and Mrs. Smith, etc. who try to diversify the genre of secret agents even if they are molded into some stereotypes. Our show was very successful in my opinion and I enjoyed creating it with my group members, I think thats why I wanted to incorporate it in some way to this activity.

Ultimately the hardest thing for me with this assignment was deciding on what story I wanted to tell and what gifs I wanted to use. It took me a while to realize I could relate this back to my groups show and once I did, it made the assignment so much easier. I felt Kim Possible was an easy story to hint at while also not completely blowing it. Maybe my group could do fun activities like this with other female agents stories on another show!

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