Happy Late Valentines Day?

Who says you can’t celebrate valentines day a week late? We could all spread a little more love right?

For my final design assignment of the week I decided to finish up with an assignment called valentine. This was a four star assignment bringing me to a total of the necessary 12. My other two previous assignments were four and half stars and three and a half stars. Any who this project asked that individuals create their very own valentines day cards. It said that you could make your card as sentimental or as funny as you wanted. Upon reading this I definitely wanted to make my card funny, everyone could use a good laugh. However the more I thought about it I decided to make my card a combination of funny and sentimental. Ultimately I relied on using quality love puns.

Like all of my design assignments I used canva again. At this point you all are probably tired of me gushing over how awesome it is. But it really is awesome. While I have definitely utilized their templates I also however like how you have the ability to change any and everything in regards to what you’re creating. This ranges from colors, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, graphics, images, etc. I think the best part about it is that I really relied on graphics for this particular assignment and canva gives you the ability to utilize thousands of graphics that are completely free.

My valentines card is honestly kind of cheesy but I think thats what makes it so great. By being corny it helped add to the funny factor I was seeking to achieve. The past two assignments I participated in were a bit more serious and involved the character I created for this class. When it came to this assignment I just wanted to have fun with it and work aimlessly.

The main colors I chose to use were duh valentines day colors. I relied on red and mainly pink to convey a since of love and that overall valentines day feel. From there I began brainstorming and looking up different puns regarding love. I enjoyed reading them so much I figured it ultimately would make for a cute card if it was covered in funny love puns. I mean who wouldn’t want that. So from there I looked up the graphics I wanted on canva and placed them on my card strategically, adding their pun as followed. I certainly focused on proportion and space when it came to creating this master piece. I felt if I over did it with the puns the card would turn out clustered and messy. When it comes to design it’s all about creating that aesthetically pleasing feel. That was the goal I kept in mind when I worked on all of my assignments and particularly this one.

We always here the statement “less is more”, this is something I keep in mind when doing numerous projects or when contemplating design. Sometimes the simplicity in something can tell a greater story than one thinks. Don’t get me wrong sometimes chaos is the answer, but ultimately it’s finding the balance and what works for that particular project or story you’re working on. Design holds more power than we think.

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