Incredible Girl Power

This week while working on our radio shows we had to complete 10 stars in audio assignments. Initially I was nervous because I thought this would get in the way of creating content for my groups project, however after looking at the weekly assignments I was satisfied to find that I could overlap and utilize the work created in my audio assignments for my radio show. Phew! That certainly was a sigh of relief to read.

That being said I decided to create a bumper for my radio show “Girl Power”. This was a 4 star assignment in the assignment bank. Bumpers are used during radio shows at a brief break to make an announcement and ultimately remind listers what they are tuning in to. So with that I felt it would be perfect to create one for “Girl Power”. “Girl Power” is a radio show that strives to promote women empowerment and discuss females within the secret agent theme.

When creating my bumper I relied on audacity to help put it together. I first thought of a song I could maybe use to spice up my bumper and I settled on utilizing a song played in the Incredibles movie. I recorded this song on audacity and then stopped recording when I wanted to begin recording my voice. I then cut in to remind listeners they’re listening to “Girl Power” on ds106 radio. I also added the theme of the show and said that we’d be continuing to discuss awesome female agents like Elasti Girl and Violet from the Incredibles. Hence the importance of the intro and out-ro music. Then the song faded back in and the bumper came to an end with me pressing stop on the recording.

The process of creating my bumper was fairly easily, I feel I have grasped a decent understanding of audacity which made it easy to create. Once I finished editing and was satisfied with my bumper I went to Soundcloud where I uploaded it to my account. I created a cd cover on canva to use for for the various audio I would be creating for this project which promotes our show. I felt this helped display what my bumper was about.

This bumper was a great way to get rolling on our radio show project. I liked knowing I was able to double dip and complete an audio assignment while also helping my group out. I was inspired in a sense my group member Christiana’s bumper, she used Kim Possible as the idea for hers so from there I felt it would be a good idea to keep the continuity and mention another set of female agents while also announcing our show. That’s how I got the idea to use Elasti Girl and Violet. I’m sure these characters are some of the first secret agents we met as little kids, at least that’s the case for me. However, little reminders like these bumpers help show how we are trying to discuss female’s in the secret agent theme.

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