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We all are familiar with numerous charities around the world. Charities are a great way to raise money and help those who are in need of it. While many participate in helping charities I feel there still isn’t enough of us involved. That being said for my second design assignment this week I participated in a three and a half project called charity ad. This assignment asked that individuals create an ad to inform people about a charity and encourage them to participate or donate. Furthermore this could be a real charity or a made up one.

For the sake of this class and my want to involve my character within this assignment I decided to create a made up charity that princess/secret agent Juliet Stones created and is actively involved in. It would be unfitting for a princess to not be involved in charity work, so I decided to help add to her princess stereotype (in a good way).

Similar to my last assignment I relied on canva to help create my charity ad flyer. This site like mentioned before has numerous templates for various things individuals need to send out such as cards, ads, brochures, posters, etc. So with that I decided to use the ad template to help organize my flyer. When it came to creating my ad I wanted to keep it as simplistic, yet eye catching as possible.

The front of Juliet’s ad/flyer has a bold red color outlining the paper. This element helps in that it catches the individuals eye. From there a simple logo at the top was used while the words “Juliet Stone’s 5th Annual Cancer Walk” follows. This ad is meant to advertise a walk that princess/secret agent Juliet Stones puts on yearly to help raise money to support and hopefully ultimately put a stop to childhood cancer. The front of the flyer gives information about the walk itself. It provides the location where it takes place, time, date, etc. The back of the ad then is used to share information about Juliet’s foundation itself, while still trying to be concise and simple. It gives numerous ways to get involved in the foundation or donating in general. Likewise it provides contact information at the bottom.

This ad was fun to make as well as creating the story behind it. I essentially was inspired by foundations that exist currently to help combat childhood cancer. Through the use canva I was able to create a story by using design elements I felt were important to utilize in my work. I wanted to create this story of my character being involved in a charity because while she is a princess and it is expected, it also is something in general I think we all should be involved in. Charities are really important. By having her partake in her own, even if it’s made up, it ultimately gives her depth and shows there’s more to her than just a crown and a gun.

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