Oh the places…

This week is all about mashups and remixes so I went ahead and decided to try one of my first remixes. I actually chose to remix one of my previous assignments that I partook in earlier this semester. Actually, it was one of my first one’s I did.

The assignment I remixed was called places of peace. The initial assignment asked that you choose four places that bring you peace and tweet them. For the original assignment I tweeted four different images; a soccer field, a sunset, a UVA basketball game, and Central Park in NYC. I consider these my four places of peace. I wrote a blog post that goes into depth about my places of peace. It shares each story behind each photo.

Now on to the remix…

I went to the visual assignment bank and found this particular assignment I wanted to remix. From there I hit the remix button and this was the description I was given…

Remix Card: “Dr Suess It”
Introduce a Dr Seuss inspired character into an assignment. Or recast the dialogue with Seuss-like language. Add a wocket in your pocket! “I’m Yertle the Turtle! Oh, marvelous me! For I am the ruler of all that I see!”

So with that instead of doing “places of peace”, I remixed this assignment and called it “oh the places”, similar to Dr.Suess’ famous book.

I felt that this had a similar ring to the original assignment but still provided a remixed feel. By titling it “oh the places” I decided to then provide four various images from Dr. Suess’ book “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. These images are suppose to represent places of peace or happiness from the book. While one of them seems a bit darker (bottom right), I felt it was cool to remix this assignment in way that contains places of peace from a Dr. Suess book. A remix is considered a creative edit of one form of media. I believe the way I remixed this assignment expresses fully that. This certainly is a creative edit of one particular assignment.

I liked how I went back and remixed a previous assignment that I have already done, this made the creative process flow easier. I think I did the remix to the best of my abilities and am proud of how it turned out. I definitely recommend remixing an assignment that you have already done before, it makes it more fun and exciting.

Check out my remix below!

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