That’s Goals

When we’re little we have BIG imaginations. I believe every child has played pretend at some point or another. Playing pretend includes some kind of fantasy world that can consist of pirates, spaceships, super heroes, princesses, and more. Not that our imaginations evaporate with age, our minds however are introduced to reality. We tend to stray away from “make-believe”.

When I was young my pretend consisted of rummaging through old magazines my mom didn’t want anymore and creating my dream life. I would dive into these magazines and cut out any home, room, closet, bathroom, car, vacation, ring, etc. that I wanted. There was no limit, if I wanted it I got it. Of course this was merely just pretend and when I was done cutting and gluing together my masterpiece I moved on with my day and did it again the next week. This pretend I had when I was a kid is what helped me pick out my third and final assignment this week.

My last assignment this week came from the web assignment bank. I then decided on the assignment create your own room due to my nostalgia from my childhood. I had so much fun playing pretend and making my dream life I figured this would be something similar. The assignment asked…

Ever thought of creating your own dream room? Now you can! Using pinterest find rooms, furniture, colors etc. From there write a blog post about why you chose everything! This is your dream so make it as crazy and out of the box that you can think of!

I love Pinterest. So when the assignment said pull your inspiration and photos from there I was thrilled. My familiarity with the site certainly helped me navigate creating my room.

Walk in closet in bedroom
Bathroom in the bedroom
The colors my room is designed around

I spent hours on Pinterest looking for the right images to capture my dream room. The above four are what I came up with. Based on what I selected my taste screams modern. I wanted a larger room so that I could have a massive bathroom and walk in closet in. The colors I wanted to base my room off of consist of black and marble. I love the clean look of it all.

In the bedroom photo and closet photo you can see that there are huge glass windows with what seems like the city skyline in the background. I chose this on purpose because I want to eventually live in a city, preferably New York City. I felt it was fitting to have by bedroom over look one or sit right on top of one.

I believe younger me would be proud of my selection when it came to picking out my dream room. I went for big but not overly extravagant. I didn’t necessarily emphasize the things in my dream room more so I wanted to emphasize the space. Being older now “things” don’t mater as much anymore. Overall I just wanted a room that was much bigger and more elegant than the one I have. Pinterest was incredibly easy to work with however I was struggling to embed the images into this post. That being said I decided to save and upload the images separately which was an easier and time saving process.

Even though I am older and have been exposed to reality I am glad I was still able to tap into my imagination and play pretend again.

4 Replies to “That’s Goals”

  1. I chose this assignment too! I love your dream room! It’s beautiful!

    1. Great minds think alike! I took a look at your dream room and I love it too. I really liked how you emphasized sunflowers and moons, that’s really cool! This assignment was super fun.

  2. I love NYC and have always wanted to live in the city too! And dang what a perfect future place too, that would be amazing

    1. Glad someone loves NYC just as much as me. Wishful thinking this actually happens in the future right?

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