The Interview

The next video assignment assigned this week was known as the interview. This assignment asked that students take recordings of individuals asking questions that were provided for us and create a video that consists of the interviewee and the interviewer having a conversation.

I read a couple individuals blog posts regarding this assignment and decided to listen to their advice of completing this assignment early on as opposed to later. Granted, I typically aim to complete each assignment for this course earlier in the week because doing so helps keep me stay organized and relieves a bit of stress. I am so glad I listened to them. However I found this assignment much easier than the last.

Since I finally figured out how to save files on iMovie and now that my computer decided to finally cooperate with it’s new update I could finally relax and just mainly focus on the content of this assignment. So with that I began by downloading the seven questions I wanted to answer from the email our professor sent us, in which each question was individually cut down. I watched and listened to every question, but ultimately I picked the seven I felt were best and one’s I really wanted to answer.

From there I downloaded the videos and put them in a folder on my desktop so that it was easy to access them. Then from there I created a new movie in iMovie called “The Interview”. Once this was created I imported the questions I’d be using. Now that that was situated I decided to record my answers to each question separately using Photo Booth on my mac. This was an easy way to create my answers as well as import them into iMovie. I made sure each answer was a separate clip itself. This allowed for me to organize my thoughts in between recording. Likewise I briefly wrote down some ideas to touch on within my responses prior to filming myself. This significantly helped me throughout recording.

Once I finalized all of my individual answer clips, I imported them into iMovie so that I could begin arranging them into my movie. This was a simple process in which I was able to easily place question to answer in a nice and organized way. After putting together the sequence of my film I decided to use the “add connect dissolve” effect to the ending of each clip. This made it so that the video wasn’t completely cutting from one clip to another making it look choppy. By adding the dissolve this allowed for the clips to fade into one another rather having the video flow together. I felt this effect really helped enhance my interview.

Finally after everything was finalized I uploaded my video to youtube so everyone can see the work I created. I really enjoyed this project and felt it was good way to redeem myself after my video analysis. I initially was totally over creating movies after that. Now I have a better understanding for iMovie and finally getting a grasp of this film thing.

Lastly within the video my answers were somewhat my own opinion even though we had to reflect our characters responses in a way. I tried to incorporate my character in some questions such as mentioning being a Princess or her brother. I felt I did a decent job of incorporating her but certainly could have done better. I possibly could have initially introduced myself as her but through my answers I suppose that could be figured out. Ultimately I would love to revisit this assignment if need be and add more to it.

Any who, check out my interview!

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  1. I appreciate the way you put some process tips into your writeup. Sharing thoughts like that helps everyone else with their own work.

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