This Girl is on Fireeeeee

For my final audio assignment of the week I decided to work on a two star assignment called sound effects. By doing so it brought me to a total of ten stars. Any who I felt this assignment was going to be another good way to continue contributing and creating content for my groups radio show project “Girl Power”. This assignment essentially asked that individuals either utilize their own sounds or pull sounds from free sound to create a track of sound effects. My group has a google doc where we are working on our project and while working on it I saw that Professor Bond mentioned a really good idea to think about. He shared that we should think about using or creating background music or sound effects to have in our show to create a story and consistency. I think this is a fabulous idea and I used that in some way to inspire me for this assignment.

I used audacity to create my sound effects/background music… shocking! Prior to using audacity I went on to and pulled numerous free sounds to import into my track. From there I imported them into audacity where I played around with the various music. I copied, pasted, cut, faded in and faded out the music samples numerous times to create an overall track that I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I exported it as an MP3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud so it could be easily viewed and shared.

Initially the start of my track is suppose to sound like its fading in from a commercial so it begins with a slow increase of what sounds like cameras clicking taking pictures then fades into Alicia Key’s singing a short sample from her song “Girl on Fire”. Then from there it fades to what sounds like subtle spy music which goes on for some time to then end with the Alicia Keys short sample and the cameras clicking again. I designed this the way I did because I wanted the cameras and Alicia Keys to be an intro from a previous commercial or segment basically kicking off our next topic, then the spy music is suppose to be on while we are discussing whatever particular topic at that time. From there I have Alicia play again and the cameras because that is suppose to be an exit cutting to the next segment or commercial break.

I wanted my sound effects/background music to have structure, that’s why I designed it the way I did. Overall I think it turned out fairly well. If my group decides to use something like this I certainly may have to go back in and make the track longer or shorter depending on our topics. With the theme of our show being women empowerment in the secret agent genre, I wanted to incorporate the Alicia Keys clip because I think the song is incredibly important towards our subject. While I don’t nearly have enough of the song in the track a little snippet of it does a good job at getting the point across. Ultimately I think I was successful and am glad I was able again to use this assignment towards my groups radio show!

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