We’re going on a trip

Let’s talk about design!

This week we are working on design and how it can tell stories. That being said for my first assignment of the week I decided to do a four and a half star design assignment called travel far far away. Two of our design assignments must be related to the character we have created in this class somehow. I figured why not make my first assignment involve my character, princess/secret agent Juliet Stones?

This assignment asked that individuals…

Create a travel schedule! Include things like the plane number, location and the purpose of travel! Try to make it as mysterious as possible!

When reading the instructions I began brainstorming different trips I could send my secret agent on. And it hit me… my secret agent was going to receive a brochure from a secret agent organization, “the secret agency”, that would recruit her to join and help save the world along side other fellow agents.

I decided to use the website Canva to help create this travel brochure. Canva is a graphic-design website that provides individuals with the tools to create numerous brochures, cards, flyers, ads, photographs, etc. This site is super user friendly and provided me with step by step instructions to create my brochure. That being said I used their travel brochure templates to create my own. The biggest thing I wanted to emphasize was the balance between photographs and words, while also keeping consistency throughout my brochure.

As cheesy or lame as this sounds I was inspired by The Incredibles when it came to coming up with my idea for the brochure. In this movie Mr. Incredible receives a mysterious envelope in the mail in regards to traveling to an exotic location where he will meet with someone to talk about secret agent work. When I thought back to this I felt like I could create something similar but slightly different. That being said I created the above brochure that comes from the secret organization, the secret agency. This agency reaches out to secret agents all over the world asking them to come live at their headquarters in an unknown location where they will collaborate together and help make the world a better place. That being said princess/secret agent Juliet Stones received one in the mail because of the amazing work she has done all across England.

When creating this brochure I decided to use a lighter shade of purple for background colors due to the purple hue in two of the photos I used. I felt this made my brochure more cohesive, there weren’t a million colors pulling you in different directions. Likewise I tried to disperse the information or words used on each page. I didn’t want to overwhelm readers with too much information, ultimately losing their attention. Looking back I could certainly have made the font bigger in the second image of my brochure that contains the two paragraphs providing a bit more info. I realize looking at it now that it’s slightly harder to read. When it comes to design you want to make easier for your audience to understand or participate in.

Ultimately through keeping concepts in mind like balance, color, portion, symbols, etc. I was able to create a brochure with numerous design elements that help tell a story. By making my own travel brochure I had the opportunity to build on my characters story and show how she’s a well respected agent who is being highly sought after to join the great secret agency.

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