You the Real MVP


A letter will never do you any justice. I know you’ll appreciate the words I write but until the day I can give you everything you’ve given me this simply just won’t be enough. But… its worth writing right?

Thank you. Thank you for being the one constant thing in my life that never waivers, leaves, or changes on me. Through good days and bad you never seem to give up on me or anyone of that matter. Raising two kids certainly isn’t easy but doing it alone is a super power. The strength and perseverance you obtain is unmatchable. Each day I try to emulate your strength. It isn’t easy and I have no clue how you do it but one day I’ll find out.

I am so thankful for your undying support. Life can be cruel sometimes and to know that I always have you in my corner is what gets me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Yes that is such a cliche but it’s the truth. I feel it is easy to give up sometimes, but watching and learning from you has taught me that giving up is never an option.

I think back to when I was younger just starting school and developing my love for soccer. I look back on those days as simple times. I was young and careless, creating my understanding of the world. But in those times, while I thought of them as minuscule moments, I realized you devoted your energy into helping build me into the person I am today. Now that I am older and still learning to be wiser I realize those little moments meant everything. As a college student and collegiate soccer player I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you investing your time in me all those years ago.

You showed me what it feels like to be cared for. By watching the way you treat me, my sister, friends and even strangers, I strive to be like you.

We often get stuck looking at the world as a bad place. By doing so we tend to overlook all the good it encompasses. You mom have taught me to look, believe, and be the good. With that I thank you. I could go on and on about how utterly amazing you are and believe me you are. But I will save that for your ears another time. Love you more than the moon and stars.

Your first born,



This assignment was one that came easy to me. While it was four stars in the writing bank I felt this was a fairly simple assignment and decided to take on the task of writing a personal letter to my mom. Ultimately what was asked in this assignment was to write a letter to your mother whether it be a sad, angry or heartfelt letter and post it.

I believe this was something that came easy to me because of the relationship my mom and I have. What I think I enjoyed about this assignment was my ability to free write. There weren’t any restrictions on what I could discuss or talk about. I feel that is when I am most successful at writing.

When writing this letter I was inspired by the bond my mom and I have had since I was little. I used that to create my letter and from there I just elaborated on how I strive to be like her in every way possible. My letter could have been pages long, but for the sake of the assignment and my viewers time I didn’t want to write something so elaborate that it turned people away from reading it.

This assignment meant a lot to me because my mom means even more. I wanted to invest myself and really create something worth reading. Ultimately I believe I told a story that goes back and depicts a bit of my childhood as well as present day. With that I also felt it was best to just write the letter out in my blog post so that it was easy for those to access. Likewise I was unsure of what other tools I would use to create this. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I certainly intend on showing my mom this.

Take the time today and everyday to appreciate your mom!

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