Secret Agent Theme

I think of many things when I hear the word secret agent. Yes, James Bond may be the first one. However, I believe there are other things that come to mind. Some of these things include; jetpacks, lasers, suits and ties, the color black, undercover missions, London, confrontation, Adele’s song Skyfall, and many many more. I’m not incredibly familiar with the secret agent industry if that’s what we want to call it, but I contain some general knowledge. Either way I believe it is extremely cool.

Like many others, I played make believe when I was little. This consisted of me and my friends creating different scenarios that we proceeded to act out and build upon for hours. Being secret agents or spies was one of them. When I hear secret agent it gives me a bit of a nostalgic feeling, I am brought back to my childhood running around pretending to save the world. If you ask that little girl, we all are capable of being secret agents.

From just exploring the wikipedia pages and the other documents provided to us about our theme I am excited to see how we as a class utilize it and how myself as an individual approaches it. I am unsure of future assignments within this course but I believe the concept of secret agents has the capability to be employed into just about anything, especially in the digital world. Something about this theme is thrilling and mysterious and I intend on facing it with an open mind.

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