Girls! Girls! Girls!

Ever wanted to know the ins and outs of the female secret agent life? Well now you have the chance. Coming soon to ds106 radio is “Girl Power”, a radio show dedicated to discussing female agents like Nancy Drew, Mrs. Smith, Elasti Girl, and more! Our main goal is to display how the secret agent theme can be diversified by really emphasizing the role females play in it.

That being said I decided to create a poster to promote our show to really bring in as many listeners as possible. I felt a poster was a great way to spread the word and provide an adequate amount of information regarding our show.

I created this poster through canva, which is an awesome graphic design website. This site provides so many templates and design elements that help create things such as posters, invitations, letters, brochures, logos, etc. I rely on it a lot to put together important design pieces I’m working on. That being said I felt it was the perfect site for creating a poster to promote “Girl Power”. On the site I picked out a poster template which helped create some sort of structure for initially building my poster. I loved the pink in this template and I felt the lightning bolts were perfect for our theme.

From there I found a graphic that actually encompassed the name of our show, which I’m obsessed with. Following that I just added important pieces of information to the poster giving viewers the key information that they would need. Finally I picked the red color to pop and added the lightning bolts for continuity. Overall I was really satisfied with the way my poster turned out. I feel it provided just enough but not too much information to our audience. Like wise it really portrays the theme of our show well.

Our main goal in regards to our radio show is to promote women empowerment and explore the diversification of the secret agent theme. I think the topic for our show is an important one in that it’s a widely discussed topic today in general, equality. While this radio show is to be fun and creative we also want to bring some realness to it. I think promoting it in this way will help obtain viewers and share our goals.

Don’t forget to listen in soon!

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