Progress makes Perfect

This week marked the start of our radio show projects, whoo-ooh! Throughout the course of this week my group has discussed and made small improvements in getting somewhere with our project. My group being just four girls, have decided to create a radio show called “Girl Power”, where we discuss women empowerment and females in the secret agent genre. Ultimately our goal is to figure out how diversified this theme really is and how could it potentially better incorporate females. This is a super important topic going on in the world today. Generally speaking the fight for total equality is very real and we want to kind of bring that idea to our show. Now with that being said our goals however, are not going to limit us from making the show as fun and unique as possible. While talking about an important subject we definitely want to have fun with it.

That being said throughout this week each member of my group completed a bumper, commercial, and promo for our show. We felt it was a good idea for each of us to contribute one of each aspect because it will help add content to our show as well as promote it! Christiana and I collaborated in that we utilized the same graphic in our promos to keep consistency and provide our show with an overall logo itself. I made a poster with similar features to her bumper sticker and logo. I think this was a great way to initially work together and develop more of a theme for the show.

With our show aiming to be around 25 minutes we decided to put together a rough outline for now to get a basic feel for how we want it to run. So with that we decided to break the show down into five different five minute segments to ultimately get us to 25 minutes. Granted this could change based on when we go to actually record and produce the show, however this is tentative for now.

Our segments are going to look a little something like this:

  1. Discuss music that is played within regards to females in the secret agent genre (provide examples and compare it to that of music in regards to men)
  2. Discuss design within the female versions of this genre (setting, effects used, stylistic choices, gadgets, accessories, etc)
  3. Discuss the appearance of female agents and their attire (compare this to male appearance and clothing, how can this sexualize women more? does it make them less serious? stereotypes…)
  4. Discuss actual female agents (provide examples of agents and how they break or mold stereotypes, explore how awesome they are, examples include Nancy Drew, Elasti Girl and Violet, Mrs. Smith, Kim Possible, etc.)
  5. Discuss the future of female agents and the potential change within portraying women in this particular genre.

With that tentative outline being said we will also provide numerous bumpers and commercials within our show. Likewise we may plan to have some “callers” call in and get live responses from them. Another potential plan is that we may create twitter polls outside of the show in which we ask questions regarding individuals thoughts on female secret agent related themes. We then plan to bring this back and share the results and discuss them within the show.

Overall this plan has given my group a good sense of structure and foundation to create our radio show “Girl Power”. However we may be setting our sights high and might have to cut some things out of the show if we end up dwelling on some topics longer than we expected. Ultimately we want to provide a well rounded show and really create an in-depth and exciting conversation around the idea of female secret agents. As the next two weeks approach we are striving to begin creating more content for our show. While we have a couple bumpers and commercials we really want to begin creating the actual show rather sooner than later. This will ultimately allow for us to tweak anything that may need tweaking and give us optimum time to edit. A big thing we want to incorporate is sound effects and background music by starting on our show sooner we will be able to add the little things such as those that will make “Girl Power” even more successful!

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