Work in Progress

As we returned from spring break it was time to get down to business and really bring our radio show “Girl Power” to life. This was our second and final week to finalize our radio show projects and get them turned in. With that being said my group stuck to doing what we do best, which is organization, and planned this week out perfectly in terms of making progress with our show.

During spring break my group communicated slightly about the outline of our project and when we should begin to assemble it, however we didn’t do much and simply enjoyed the time off from school we had.

That being said once back and in our second week of working on the radio show my group immediately began to reach out to one another in terms of when to get together and actually record. We discussed and felt Wednesday the 13th was the best day to come together as a group and simply recored our show live. Within our group three members live locally and decided to get together at a specific location and record while the fourth member who lives farther away called in and was recorded from there. By recording on Wednesday it allowed for us to have adequate enough time to edit and readjust anything we felt necessary before the project due date.

Prior to actually recording my group got together and created some idea of a script for our show. Initially we thought about writing a script out but felt that would just be too tedious and would stray in some ways from a live radio show. Of course we gathered ideas and put together the overall concept for each segment of our show before recording. Furthermore we basically just jotted down a couple lines to read from, however for the most part with the general idea in mind we felt strong in our abilities to in a sense “wing-it”. Our show was designed to include each member and ultimately feel like a casual conversation about women empowerment in the secret agent genre.

Likewise before filming we decided upon the idea of including our secret agents we made in this course by interviewing two of them, who happen to be female agents. We felt this was a fun way to include them in our show while also spicing it up a bit. Having callers and people to interview added more depth to “Girl Power”. Similarly we relied on live twitter polls that we posted earlier in the week to bring in stats or some sort of “research” into our show to include an other viewers.

Overall it was a successful week in planning and making progress. When we finished recording our show with audacity, two of our members edited the show to then be uploaded to Soundcloud. Each member sent their commercials and bumpers to one individual so they could add it on the show which really ultimately brought it all together. Week 2 radio show progress was a success. Can’t wait for everyone to hear our show, stay tuned for “Girl Power”


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