This evening I had the pleasure of tuning into ds106 radio to listen to some of my classmates very own radio shows they created from the previous two weeks. I was super excited to listen in because everyones show’s had very different ideas and themes so with that I was excited to see it or hear it I guess come to life. Tonight the first show that aired was called “Secret Agent Power Hour” and following that was the show Secret Agent Hip/Hop Hour.

I particularly tuned in and payed significant attention to Secret Agent Power Hour. While I listened to this show in it’s entirety I also tuned in to the first couple minutes of Hip/Hop Hour. However I tweeted and particularly wanted to reflect on Power Hour.

Secret Agent Power Hour was a showed designed to showcase and discuss important pieces of music through the ages of secret agent films. I absolutely loved this idea and concept. Throughout the show listeners were essentially taken through a time machine that was pretty much broken up into three parts based on the host. As the show progressed and the hosts changed the music slowly evolved. Starting off more classical the music ultimately made it’s way to a more modern era. What I really enjoyed particularly with this show was that prior to each song being aired each individual host provided some background information about each song and the secret agent film they were played in. I felt this really helped myself and others understand more about it.

As I listened I feel as if the hosts had a script organized together to help further record themselves. They may not have, but the show was so put together and organized I can’t hep but think they didn’t. Likewise by having three hosts I liked how they broke the show into three separate sections. I believe this helped give each individual an opportunity to participate. As the timeline of music changed I heard a plethora of music genres such as classical, pop, techno, and more. My favorite songs were particularly the classical music it was very soothing and like wise the suspenseful music. The suspense added depth and drama I felt as if I was in an actual James Bond film.

While listening I picked up on the background music that took place while each host spoke. I felt this was a great tactic and element to add their show. In my opinion it further enhanced it bringing the show even more to life. Adding to that I felt that the first individual who spoke had an amazing radio voice, it was very relaxing and soothing.

That all being said my only complaint would be that the commercials caught me a bit off guard. What I mean is that while I knew they were coming because the hosts said we were cutting to commercial break, I did not enjoy the squeakiness that took place in them. The voices in the commercials seemed like they had an effect put on them, while I like the concept I just don’t think it matched with the show. But that is something so minimal compared to the awesome show they put on.

Secret Agent Power Hour had me from beginning to end and I would listen to it again if I could!

Throughout the show I took to twitter to share my thoughts, check out my tweets below!

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