Call Me, Beep Me… If You Wanna Reach Me

I think many are familiar with the Disney classic Kim Possible. And if not than that truthfully should be a crime.

Looking back I think this television phenomena was my first encounter with secret agents. For those who haven’t seen Kim Possible it is a kids show that originally aired on Disney Channel back in 2002. The show tells a story about a girl named Kim who is a high school student living a double life as a secret agent. She is tasked with fighting crime on a daily basis while dealing with the everyday struggles being a teenager brings. While fighting crime she is aided by her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus.

Each episode of Kim Possible is focused on a different story line where she fights various villains and saves the day. Eventually this television show was scripted into two movies based around the show and characters.

The style of Kim Possible is fairly similar to the Freytag Triangle mentioned in the new digital storytelling: creating narratives with new media reading. The show typically starts off with a quick introduction building into rising action while emphasizing the climax to ultimately accumulate at a falling action which leads to a conclusion all within 30 minutes. This style is one that is typical when it comes to storytelling I believe. When I initially think about a story being told I think back to this format.

Similar to the Freytag Triangle, in the video Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories I see a pattern in episodes or storytelling. In his video Vonnegut shares numerous shapes depicting how stories are told. One of the shapes reminds me exactly of this show. It starts off like a normal day things then become difficult and the characters are met with hardships to then ultimately end on top creating an almost “u” shape if graphed. Each story of Kim Possible is styled similarly yet they all still have the ability to obtain an audience.

Ultimately what makes a good story is the ability to capture the attention of others. Kim Possible grabbed viewers in by developing her and her best friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable’s relationship. By creating an intimate relationship between the two, audiences became intrigued as to how Possible’s and Stoppable’s relationship would evolve.

Furthermore this television show certainly fits the secret agent genre. The main character lives a double life fighting crime on the daily, she has a trusty sidekick, combats villains, uses super cool gadgets only an agent would have, and more. What I like most about this story is that it empowers women. I believe most of us think of James Bond when asked about secret agents. We often overlook the idea that girls can equally play these roles. This is a big theme in the show, women empowerment. While Kim Possible is a more lighthearted series it certainly contains action and depth like most stories within the genre.

I think what held my attention most when watching Kim Possible was that there was a new story line with every episode. I didn’t know what to expect and the villains were ever changing. This television show played a huge role in my childhood. I looked up to Kim a lot and often would run around my house attempting to be a secret agent. I think that’s why this story and show are so important and perfect for the genre. It left an imprint on me and I am sure many others.

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