Create and Connect

Like usual we had to participate in three daily creates this week. However, that being said we then needed to find a way to connect them together. The three creates I did were; heart transplant, top trumps, and secret agent selfie.

So with that here goes my story…

One day Perry the Platypus was out after finishing up a crazy secret agent mission. Celebrating defeating the evil Dr. Doofenshmertiz once again Perry was at his favorite fried chicken shop chowing down on some fresh fried chicken. I mean can you blame him? Fried chicken rocks.

While Perry was relaxing and enjoying his meal and reflection time he heard a loud crash!

His secret agent senses were immediately triggered and he turned to see that someone had collapsed while eating their fried chicken. Others were gathered around to see what had happened and Perry approached them to see if he could help the situation. It appeared that the person was struggling to breathe and was complaining of heart pain.

Hearing this news Perry rushed into action and brought this suffering human to the hospital. This was something that was fairly new to Perry while he always has instincts to help a situation, he’s never had to take someone to the hospital who was in serious condition.

Being the person that he is, Perry waited to hear what the doctors had to say about the patient and waited for the family to arrive. It turned out the patient needed a heart transplant and wouldn’t make it without one. Perry was in awe and immediately tried thinking of someone who could offer up a heart. Then it hit him!

His younger sister whom no one has heard about had a heart to offer. She had passed at a young age and Perry tended to never talk about it because it was a sensitive subject. He informed the doctor of his sister and they immediately rushed into action.

After numerous hours of surgery Perry and the family were informed that the patient would be okay and had a perfectly new and healthy heart. Particularly one that was made of four ingredients; family, friends, food and sports. The new and improved patient had gained a new sense of empathy, passion, and sarcasm.

Thanks to Perry’s help and his sister the patient got an oldie, but a goodie.

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