Did someone say mission?

As secret agents we’ve encountered numerous missions since our time here in ds106. Now as the semester is nearing an end, am I seeing one last mission in our future?

A couple ideas come to mind for a potential last mission…

One idea that I have is that our secret agent intelligence has been left fingerprints of a villain and his entourage who are planning to take over the world. As secret agents we are then tasked with solving who is behind this and putting a stop to what could be the most deadliest takeover of all time. It is our responsibility as agents to decode the prints and save the world.

Another possible idea for a mission is that a bomb has been placed somewhere in the world. We have been left a specific set of five clues to decode where this bomb may be located, but we have to hurry and think fast. We only have 24 hours to find it or else disaster will strike!

Finally one last idea for a mission is that we as agents have been tasked with creating a secret agent agency that will unite all secret agents together under one entity. We will have to come up with a name, location, plan, storyline, background, etc. in regards to this new found agency. From there this agency will be in charge of sending agents out for missions as well as seeking to employ new recruits. This agency will serve as a united organization in combating evil and will continue to exist for future agents to come. Uniformity is the goal and it is our mission to build a agency that will promote good and serve a lifetime!


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