Final Mission

Since this week is about mashups and remixes, so it’s only fitting that we have to put together a blog post about a potential final mission mashup. Last week in my blog post I listed off three ideas that I believed would be good final mission ideas. The thought of combing one of my ideas with someone else is certainly exciting.

While I liked the three various missions I came up with, I believe there is one that stands out from the others and could work really well with another person’s idea.

My favorite mission that I came up with is the one where a bomb has been placed somewhere in the world by a villain. The agents tasked with saving the world and completing this mission have been left a specific set of five or so clues to decode where the bomb may be located. However the agents will have to act fast because they will only 12 hours to find it.

I think this original mission I came up with is fun and exciting. It’s suppose to get your adrenaline pumping and really put your secret agent skills to the test.

That being said when looking at the other missions my fellow classmates came up with, I found one that I felt would compliment and fit perfectly with my mission.

Christiana’s mission involved the creation of a video game using Wix. She came up with the idea that each of us could come up with a way for our own character to be involved in an online game where players are presented a series of choices and there choices ultimately depict the next stage of the game. This would go hand in hand with my idea for an agent to have to decode clues to locate a disastrous bomb. Through using Wix and being presented a series of choices this could lead to a fun last video game mission.

By combing the two ideas together we would be touching on numerous aspects we’ve learned in the class, such as photography, design, audio, video, etc. Each of these would play an intricate part in putting together this final mission. To create a video game you need of these elements to make the individual story come to life.

Ultimately numerous classmates could partake in this final mission by creating their own video game with the basic foundation of using clues to locate a bomb and save the world. It would be exciting to see how each of our stories and games turn out, they certainly would be different and that would be the exciting part of it!

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