Let’s Blitz… Again!

A couple weeks back we had to participate in a photo blitz where we took numerous photos that fit particular categories in a specific amount of time. This week we again were asked to partake in a blitz, however this time a design blitz. While both the photograph and design blitz are similar in style, they differed in format and concept.

Throughout the week we had to carry our camera around with us and capture four photos that represent different design aspects. Lucky for me I always have my camera handy and never let it leave my side. Prior to capturing my images I wanted to freshen up on my comprehension of the various design elements, so I explored the design resources page on our site. This was a super helpful source that really gave me the opportunity to learn more about design. With that I then proceeded to capture four photos that I felt encompassed an element of design. The four elements I captured were; color, balance, function/form, and symbol.

The first photo I took/used was one that captures color. The design resource page states that color creates mood and draws attention to key elements. I felt this image captured my attention due to the colors that were utilized in it. The brightness of some colors and the darkness of others really ties the design together. It tells a story of chaos but chaos with a purpose. It’s noticeable that the colors over lap one another. The brights will sit in front of the darks and vice versa. Like in Vignelli’s reading you need to have a purpose and meaning for your design and the colors here definitely illustrate a meaning. This photo however was not taken here locally, I captured this on my trip to New York City over winter break. This is the only photo I didn’t physically capture this week, but I wanted to use it because I felt it perfectly represents what we are talking about.

Photo 1: Color

This next photo was taken at the mall. It perfectly displays the use of balance as an element of design. The arrangement of these objects creates a sense of equilibrium. By being symmetrical there is this aesthetically pleasing feel being portrayed. Balance helps level out design. Without balance there can be chaos, and while chaos can sometimes be good it can also be occasionally bad. This image captures a perfect display of balance and ultimately is effective getting individuals to purchase the items advertised. I mean come on, doesn’t this look awesome?

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Photo 2: Balance

This next photo I took I found in a book of mine. I felt it captured the aspect of form and function perfectly. Form and function when it comes to design is essentially how well does design convey its meaning or potential use and even so portray real world objects. This image is a water color drawing of a heart that displays flowers and leaves growing out of it. It displays this image of growth. This design conveys this message or meaning of evolving, and it portrays that the heart is the center piece for that growth. This image ultimately helps us make sense of the world and more so of us as individuals and humans.

Photo 3: Function/Form

Finally for my last image I took a photo that displays symbols. Symbols represent objects, things, and ideas. In some ways they work and in other ways they don’t. Likewise complexity can stem from images while simplicity can be represented as well. The photo I captured was of a Starbucks coffee cup simply displaying the symbol on the drink. This symbol while simple and far from complex is one that is known universally. You need no words or anything else on this cup to know exactly what it is. That’s whats fascinating about symbols, they have the ability to contain numerous ideas. This simple symbol represents a mega coffee company that is universally utilized and respected. By looking at it millions of things revolving Starbucks probably swirl though your head. That is what I love about it.

Photo 4: Symbol

Overall this was a super cool and interesting assignment. I had the abilities to expand on my photography skills a little, even though they still need more work, and learn more about design. It’s fascinating to see how all these little elements ultimately make up the overarching idea of design. Furthermore it’s amazing to see just how much design drives stories and shapes them into something memorable.

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