Look out it’s a Radio Storm

Supposedly in a couple weeks in ds106 we will be forming groups to ultimately create a radio show as a project. I think this will be an awesome project to do! I’m an avid sports junkie, which leads me to listening to the radio regarding sports shows/news frequently. Likewise I tune into radio stations fairly often just to get the latest update on everyday things.

I am sure many of you are familiar with Saturday Night Live. I absolutely love this show, specifically for the comic relief it brings to tv. That being said they have a segment on their show called Weekend Update which is hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che. This segment brings to life real or fake news in a lighthearted, hilarious way, often times being inappropriate. However by watching this so frequently it’s help given me an idea for a potential radio show project.

I think it would be cool if my group did a radio show including all of our secret agent characters. I’ve come up with two ideas regarding this. The first being we interview or connect our characters in a way that their stories intertwine. And the second being that we take on the persona of our characters and create a nightly news show that is dedicated to the secret agent world discussing missions, equipment, battles, etc. I like the second idea personally more so because I think it is well established and has more substance. I feel we could design a radio show like the Weekend Update on SNL and create a comedic show secret agent themed. The first is a work in progress.

Another idea I have is that we could create a live radio show that follows each secret agent as they go on their missions to save the world. This could be cool in that it brings our characters to life and ultimately connects them together. This could build overall a bigger story that allows for us to dive deeper into our theme.

Lastly I came up with an idea that intertwines the sports world with the secret agent world. I think it’d be cool if we did a radio show that features secret agents competing in sports like competitions or mores so secret agent competitions whatever that be. Something similar to the hunger games but doesn’t involve the whole killing part. Basically a challenge to see who is the best secret agent. This needs some fine tuning but I think it could be cool and certainly would allow for a lot of creativity.

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  1. I really like your idea of combining our characters stories and making it comedic! I had that idea too!

    1. Great minds think alike, I think it would certainly make for an interesting story. Kind of reminds me of a disney cross-over episode!

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