Remixing The Web

This week has been all about the web! Between participating in web assignments and exploring how storytelling can be told through web I have had the opportunity to partake in some pretty cool assignments.

One assignment in particular that we were asked to do this week was called web storytelling. This asked that students essentially “remix” a website and create it to tell a completely different story then it’s original intended purpose. An example provided was of a students resume posted on amazon. Rather than selling a tangible item the individual was essentially promoting his work skills and abilities. I really liked this idea and further used it as inspiration to create my own idea or remixed website.

Initially I thought this was going to be a hard activity. I mean how does one simply change an entire website? Well I was wrong, and it was actually fairly simple. The two main things needed in order to complete this assignment was Firefox and the Mozilla X-Ray Goggle’s Tools. These two simple downloads essentially allowed for me to locate a site that I wanted to change in some way and make the necessary changes while not affecting the actual site at all. I thought that was just about the coolest thing out there.

Once I downloaded those two applications I began to brainstorm what site I wanted to change and how in some way could I connect it to my character. I think this was where I struggled the most. While I usually rely a lot on my creativity I was kind of stuck in my own head with where I wanted to take this assignment. I wanted to pick a site that I felt I could change a significant amount without over doing it. So with that I decided to change the site Petfinder.

Petfinder is basically a site that allows individuals to look up potential pets to adopt. It provides various dogs and cats while allowing people to browse the adoption process along with the pets information. I felt this was a great site to manipulate and make my own in some way. Finally once I figured out what site I wanted to use I began to recreate it. For the most part I mainly just adjusted the content of the specific page I worked with. I wanted to change images, colors, and graphics but I was unsure how to do that and wanted to mainly just get me feet with this activity. Certainly in the future I can revisit this and rework it even more.

Having said all of that I created a website called Sidekick Finder, rather than Petfinder. The purpose of this site is for secret agents to go online and find their sidekicks. Not all secret agents have sidekicks but some of the best do. I designed this site to incorporate the character I created for this class. My character Juliet Stones has her very own sidekick Lucy which happens to be a dog that helps her with all of her missions. So it gave me the idea to build a site that showcases various sidekicks, secret agents can adopt. Oh and the sidekicks happen to be animals; dogs, cats, bunnies, you name it we got. It just so happens Juliet Stones received her sidekick from this very site!

The site/adoption center is located in London, England and is home to numerous sidekicks. The specific page I created showcases a pup that is looking to be adopted as a sidekick. The page displays the pup and all the information necessary to see if it is the right fit for whatever agent is trying to adopt it. Likewise all the contact information to the sidekick adoption center is located on the page as well! I adjusted tabs, headers, footers, subheads, etc. The sidekick being sold on this specific page is Charlotte and I spent time editing her bio to make it fit towards a secret agent lifestyle.

I wanted to create a site that connected my character but also encompassed secret agents as a whole. The overall thought process was to slightly change the story of the original site, petfinder. I felt putting my own twist and creating my own story while still in some way keeping the overall theme of animals from the original site showed my creativity. I still believe my site needs some work while I am not completely satisfied, I am impressed with how it turned out.

So to all you secret agents out there if you’re in need of a furry, slimy, or scaly sidekick stop your worrying and look here!

Here are some screenshots as well of Sidekick finder! This is a specific look at if you as an agent were to click on a specific sidekick you would may want. Meet Charlotte!

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