Take Two

This week we were asked to revise one 3, 4, or 5 star assignment we have created in a previous week. Once picked we needed to revise, improve, or remix it in so way shape or form.

With that I spent some time looking back at all of the assignments I created. I struggled a bit in picking one because I felt each and every assignment I have created could be improved somehow. However I found one that I personally thought could use some major touch ups. I decided to take an assignment that I made back during week 6. That particular week was dedicated to design and we specifically had to partake in 12 stars of design assignments.

The particular assignment I chose to revise was a four and a half star assignment called travel far far away. This assignment asked that students create a travel brochure for a particular place. When I first created this brochure I designed a pamphlet using canva that showcased an organization called the secret agency. This agency is for secret agents where they can come together and work closely beside one another making the world a better place. I loved and still love this concept. So with that I decided to keep the same idea when improving this particular assignment, however it was the design and layout of my brochure that I wanted to revise.

Prior to taking this course I have had used canva numerous times. However since creating my initial brochure a couple weeks ago I felt I have since then gained more experience with the site and have further learned more about design. My initial brochure is while consisting of mainly blues and purples looks a bit disorganized. The colors don’t fully compliment one another and I am not a fan of the particular fonts used. I even have some words bolded and others not. Likewise the photos I imported into it look a bit immature make a the brochure look tacky. While the ideas were there it didn’t fully turn out the way I wanted it. So from there I decided to scratch this brochure and make a new and improved one.

The new brochure I created has a COMPLETELY different look and I love it. I began to coordinate the colors more and stuck to shades that compliment each other. The pink, yellow, and green pastels give this brochure a whole new look. From there I decided to essentially eliminate photos from this brochure. Essentially the main concept of this travel brochure is to be mysterious, I mean it is for a secret agency. That being said, I only used one image throughout the brochure and it happened to be exotic leaves. I felt this accurately portrayed a sense of mystery and overall enhanced the design of my work. The words that I added to this brochure are still mostly the same text I used for my previous brochure, however I shortened them slightly and made sure the fonts aligned together. I also went in and made sure no random words were bolded or looked out of place.

Overall I think I did a great job with recreating my previous brochure. By completely scratching the initial brochure and starting the design process over I believe it was a more effective way to approach my revision. Through implementing what I have learned about design and expanding on my original idea the new and improved brochure I created happens to be what I consider some of my best work. I really like what I have done with it! Ultimately less is more and I think the simplicity I added to my new brochure makes it successful.

Check out below my old travel brochure compared to my new brochure!

Original Brochure Cover:

Original Brochure Back:

Revised Brochure Cover:

Revised Brochure Back:

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