The Names Juliet

I’m Juliet Stones. That is Princess Juliet Stones of Cambridge. Yeah I know, how can a Princess double as a secret agent? Well listen up because I’m only going to tell this story once.

On a chilly new years eve day back in 1995 I, Juliet Stones, entered the world. You’re welcome. Born in London I immediately was crowned Princess Juliet Stones of Cambridge. You guessed it my family is the royal family. I come from a long lineage of Stones where we serve, honor, and protect our country. Most of my life was devoted to learning and becoming a true princess. It wasn’t easy, my rebel ways certainly landed me in trouble most of the time, but I still won over my family with my charm and devilish smile.

My mother and father were busy most of the time ruling the country or whatever so I spent most of my time with my older brother Harrison that is Prince Harrison Stones of Cambridge. Only a mere three years older than me, Harry and I got along just dashingly. We spent most of our time in the castle either messing around or learning how to be royalty.

As I grew into my older years Harry began to become more absent, particularly in the evenings. I noticed after dinners he would sneak out into the night and return as if no one had noticed. But I noticed.

I never confronted him about it I just watched and wondered.

However on my sixteenth birthday Harry gave me a gift. It was a key. He gave it to me when no one else was around and told me it unlocked a door to a secret room in the castle, but I had to find the room by myself. After days searching I stumbled upon a hidden door covered in ivory in the back of our garden. To my surprise the key unlocked it and I stumbled upon the most shocking yet amazing thing…

A secret hideout I suppose you could call it. A room covered with gadgets, computers, tv’s, and more. As I entered the room my mouth gapped open and Harry appeared from the back.

I came to find out that Harry was a secret agent working for the British Intelligence Department. It was at 16 that he had begun his secret agent work. A family friend left Harry the exact key he left for me on his sixteenth birthday.

I was mesmerized. The mischievous child in me came to life and I knew what I was destined to do, be a Princess by day and a secret agent by night. Coming from a royal family my life has seemed so perfect and planned for me. Being an agent would give me the adventure I craved.

So with that being said I joined Harry and became a secret agent. Since my sixteenth birthday I have gone through numerous training, tests, and missions to become the agent I am today.

At 25 I am still the proper Princess Juliet Stones of Cambridge serving my people and emulating the ideal Princess. However I live a more dangerous life in the evening, escaping away at night with my brother Harry to protect our beloved London.

Some fun facts about me because I guess you’re dying to know more is that I crave fish and chips on the daily, I can and will kick your butt in futbol, I am amazing with children and hope to have my own some day, my most prized possession’s are my tiara and aston martin don’t get it twisted, and I live by the motto “don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm”.

Until our next meeting…

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