Coming to a television near you!

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post video plan, I am working in a group these next two weeks to create a video show similar to my groups radio show. Our video “Girl Power” will be similar to our radio show in that we will look to discuss female secret agents and further look to promote women empowerment.

In my last post I discussed the layout of our show and how we set up a google doc and group chat to create a layout for how we will conduct our show. Likewise I touched on how we will be filming. Since then my group has decided that this weekend we will put together a more concrete script. While we want our show to be free flowing we also want to have some version of a script so that makes filming easier.

Following the creation of our script this weekend, my group will visit Woodard Hall on Tuesday to check out the green screen that is available to use for students. We want to stop by and just see the layout and get a better understanding for how it works. From there we will rent a camera from the HCC so that we have a better tool for filming. Then on Wednesday we will actually set out to record our video show so that Thursday we can spend time editing and Friday will be where we unveil the show!

Now with all that being said I have created a trailer to advertise our show. I used iMovie to make this and it was super easy. The great thing about iMovie is that it offers a template for creating trailers. So from there I just utilized the template I chose and simply imported pieces of video, photos, and my own words to be used within it. This template made it incredibly easy and also brought my trailer to life. Watching it back I was impressed with the video I created, likewise I feel it conveys an intriguing piece of our show that will get people interested.

Check out the trailer below and hopefully you tune into the show later next week!

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