Getting There

We did it, we finished filming! Our video show “Girl Power” is almost done and I couldn’t be more excited.

Filming today was a breeze, my group mates and I got together and began filming away. Like I mentioned earlier we utilized the outline we created for our show and it helped immensely. By following it we were able to get through filming much faster, compared to if we hadn’t.

Ultimately we decided to film using one of our iPhones as opposed to a video camera, the familiarity just was easier to work with. After numerous takes we had a full range of clips to work with that would eventually make up our full video. By filming segments separately this allowed for us to gather our thoughts between takes and prepare for the next part. Likewise we are adding commercials into our show so by taking breaks and saying we’re cutting to commercial allows for that.

The thought to add commercials came to us in the moment and ended up being a fabulous idea to enhance our show.

After finally completing filming we uploaded the videos to one of our computers so we could begin the editing process on iMovie. iMovie is super easy to work with so we felt this would be the best fit for piecing together our video. Through iMovie we planned on adding our commercials, an introduction/title slide, credits, and of course sound effects. Since we designed our show like the Ellen Show we wanted to add sound effects such as clapping, cheering, and oohs and aahs, typical of her show. Sound effects can easily bring a video to life so we felt it was necessary to have them in ours.

The editing process is still going on as we speak, but we are putting the finishing touches on and should have a full video show soon!

In the mean time you all can check out a commercial I made to put into our show.

Like I have mentioned numerous times our video show “Girl Power” is about discussing female secret agents and women empowerment. The commercial I put together was another attempt at empowering women. I made a movie trailer on iMovie for an up and coming movie called “Elasti Girl”. This movie is where Elasti Girl gets her big break and becomes the main focus, with no male agents taking the focus away from her. Yes, it may not be coming to theaters this Fall, but wouldn’t it be cool if it actually was?

With my familiarity of iMovie it was really simple to put together the trailer. I just imported some photos and videos and boom done. This trailer will be played in our video show “Girl Power” as a commercial break. The other two members in my group will be producing super awesome commercials as well. So to see those too be on the look out for “Girl Power”!

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