Making Progress

Today’s the day, aka filming day!

My group has been planning our video out for the past week now and today we are finally going to be getting into action. With an outline put together, we have the basis for what we want to discuss and do in our video show, “Girl Power”. The main concept of the show is to continue discussing women empowerment and how we can further diversify the secret agent genre.

Ultimately by creating this video show, which is a spinoff and further discussion of our radio show “Girl Power”, we are looking to contribute to a continuing conversation of implementing equality. Our hope is that viewers enjoy our laidback fun show while also being educated on an important topic.

When we film today we intend to keep the basic outline we put together last week. Here’s a look at a the break down of how we are going to run and film our show this afternoon:

  • Intro (of show, host and guests)
  • A brief background of our show and what our goals are
  • Sit down interviews with our guest (two female secret agents)
  • Transition into a game with guests and host
  • Maybe a free giveaway like ellen and oprah do????
  • Conclusion

Most of the above is inspired by the Ellen Show and how she runs her program daily. We thought it would be exciting to emulate her and her show. Likewise she’s a kickass female as well.

Finally going into the show today we created a list of questions that our host will be asking our guest/female secret agents. While we want “Girl Power” to be relaxed and feel as if it is less scripted, we however decided to formulate the interview questions specifically in advance just so filming runs more smoothly. Check out the questions we put together for our host to ask below:

  • What is it like being a female secret agent?
  • How do you believe you are viewed as a female compared to guys?
  • What is your take on the appearance or clothing female agents wear? Why do you think they tend to be sexualized?
  • How would you try to diversify the secret agent genre?
  • Do you think with the increase in media today there is more potential to create a change particularly in regards to women empowerment?
  • How do you think agents like Kim Possible, Elasti Girl, Violet, Mrs. Smith, etc. break the mold and pave way for females in this genre? Or do you believe they tend to conform to the genre?
  • What is the future of female secret agents?

Hopefully with these questions and plan in mind, filming today will run effortlessly and all that will be left is editing our final video. Stay tuned “Girl Power” is coming to a television near you!

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