Video Show Plan

This week we were given the option of two video assignments; one option consisted of working individually in order to complete 10 stars of video assignments, while the other option is to work in groups similar to your radio show and create a video show.

So with that Christiana Meyers, Katie Rauch, and myself decided to expand upon our radio show and make a video show similar to “Girl Power”.

After forming our group we began to create a google doc and make an outline so that we could form a basic idea for how we want our show to run. The main premise of our show is similar to “Girl Power”, however it’s just in video form as opposed to radio. In our video we will continue to discuss female agents and expand on diversifying the secret agent theme. We want to continue the conversation of women empowerment and felt what better way to do this then creating a talk show that discusses this topic.

Essentially we have decided to style our show similar to “The Ellen Show”. We all love Ellen and thought herself and her show would be a good source for inspiration. That being said, we haven’t created a specific script yet. Instead we created an outline that breaks down main sections of our show and will serve as an overall guide for how we run it. Like our radio show “Girl Power” we want this video to be similar in the fact that it is a free flowing conversation, however we also want it to be a bit more structured.

So based off of that we have decided to start our show with an introduction, here we would introduce the show, our hosts, and guests. The two main segments that follow will be an interview consisting of Chris interviewing two female secret agents, this will mainly be a huge conversation about female agents and women empowerment. From there we will include a game segment where we play some kind of game that would possibly be on a game show. Finally we will probably do a free giveaway and our show will come to an end.

Shows like “The Ellen Show” include numerous interviews with guests, games, and giveaways. By using shows like “The Ellen Show” as inspiration this helped us format our own. Overall we have a good idea for what we are going to do in order to create a successful show. We intend on filming in front of a green screen that is located on campus where we can choose whatever background we want. Likewise we will either rent a camera from the convergence center at UMW or use one of our iPhones.

That being said I’m excited to start piecing together our show and begin creating my trailer!

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  1. I’m glad you decided to build on the radio show. It’s a great topic and there is a lot you could do with it.

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