DS106: Complete

Who would have thought we’d finally reach the end of the road.

The journey here in ds106 has been long, but informative, insightful, and indescribable. I have learned far more than I could have ever mustered up at the beginning of the semester. From video to audio, design, photography, and more I’ve learned and explored it all.

That’s why I am glad to present my final project for this course that encompasses many of the various aspects I have explored this semester.

The final project that I partook in was one that involved a few other classmates of mine. Christiana, Karim, Matt, and I came together because we felt collaborating would be beneficial, along with allowing us to create something bigger and more successful.

So with that the four of us sought out to create a final project that we refer to as “the final mission”. What we put together was essentially a full blown video game launch. Yes, you heard that correctly a video game launch. We felt this idea would be a great way to incorporate various aspects that we have learned in class throughout the past several months.

This video game launch consists of several components that all involve numerous aspects we have learned. Last week we spent most of our time brainstorming and outlining, while this week was spent assembly and ultimately finalizing the final project. With this being our final project I was as invested as I could be, knowing that this would be my last piece of work left behind in ds106. Furthermore I believe I further enhanced the previous skills I had learned in the course.

The final mission entails, a flyer promoting the game, a movie trailer advertising it, and the full game itself. The flyer and trailer were released earlier in the week to help build excitement for the game as well as simulate that of which would be similar to a video game launch. We planned to make it as life-like as possible. Given I know little to none about video games or launches. But hey, if you don’t try you never learn!

The flyer that Christiana and I made was simply put together through canva, shocking. Honestly thank god for this site throughout this semester, it has been much needed and relied upon. The flyer easily states the title of the video game, a quick phrase to catch the eye of viewers, and a simple synopsis of the game itself. The colors and template used were to incorporate our secret agent theme because our game is simply designated for and based on secret agents. This aspect of the project incorporates the use of design that we explored earlier in the semester.

Check out the flyer below!

The next element of our project was to put together a movie trailer to, like the flyer, advertise our game. Christiana and I put together the trailer in iMovie which was a simple process due to our frequent use of iMovie throughout the semester as well. The trailer was designed with a spy theme to hint at the storyline of our game and further build excitement as viewers attempt to guess at what the game entails. In addition to that the video consists of video, audio, and photography elements that brings together various aspects we also learned in ds106. Once the video was complete I uploaded it to YouTube so it could be easily accessible.

Check out our official trailer for our video game, “the final mission”!

Finally the moment you all have been waiting for… the GAME!

Assembling the video game itself was the final piece to this almost complete puzzle. Last week we had discussed using various video gaming websites to produce what would be our video game, however what we ultimately settled for was using twine to create this game. Now twine isn’t necessarily specifically used for video games, it’s more or less an application that allows individuals to create a choose your own adventure story or game. However, we felt by using twine we would be creating the ultimate choose your own adventure game, which we have designated our video game. It is all about how you interpret it and this was the last part of our launch.

Creating the game simply consisted of developing various scenarios that allowed for gamers to pick the way they wanted their game or story to go. The overall concept of our game was that of secret agents. We devised a storyline that declared your secret agent identity has been compromised and you have been framed for a crime you did not commit. By playing the game you are put to the test of changing your identity, clearing your name, and saving the world. As you choose your storyline you’d either see that you lost or won the game.

Ultimately this final part of our project was just as successful and simple as the previous parts. Twine allowed for us to combine design, photography, and written skills learned in this course. By creating a video game launch we brought nearly everything we have learned in this class together. With various elements like audio, video, photography, design, and so forth we essentially created the ultimate story further enhancing our digital storytelling abilities.

So with that check out our video game, “The Final Mission”! All you have to do is click on the link in the tweet. Choose your fate wisely…

I enjoyed many moments within this course. While at times I faced challenges I learned a lot about myself, media, and storytelling. I certainly feel as if I have evolved as a storyteller and will further take what I have learned here in ds106 with me farther in life. In addition to that I was grateful I had the opportunity to collaborate with many classmates throughout the course and particularly on this last project. Working with others allowed for an environment where everyone was given the chance to grow and learn, more than they could imagine. I am so glad I had that chance.

Thank you ds106, agent Christina (aka Juliet Stones) is signing off.

Final Mission… complete.

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