Final Countdown

Wow, just one more week left here in ds106! It’s crazy to look back and see all that I have accomplished and learned within this thrilling and liberating semester.

Now just one last task lies ahead… our final mission.

Our final mission is ultimately our final project here in ds106, one last thing in between me and graduation.

That being said this final mission needs to tell a story across multiple forms of media. Since being in ds106 we have had the opportunity to expand our audio, photography, design, and video skills. So what better way than to incorporate them into one giant project. It only makes sense to bring them all together and showcase what we have truly learned.

Since the start of the semester we have explored the theme of secret agents, taking on tasks as them and even creating our own secret agent characters. With that we have decided to likewise incorporate them into this final mission. One last journey as agents.

The entirety of this week has been dedicated to organizing, outlining, and planning our final mission. As recommended, I decided to come together with some of my classmates Christiana, Matt, and Karim to work on this last mission. Together we will be putting together a wait for it…


Yes, that’s correct we are going to be creating a video game. Since the start of ds106 we haven’t really discussed video games nor have we developed one, so we thought this would be a great last story to tell. Throughout this week my group has come together to brainstorm some ideas for the game and what tools we will be using. Likewise we have created an outline to help further make creating this project easier.

We are still working on finalizing an exact idea of the game, but were thinking of creating a game where our agents identities have been compromised and we have been framed for a crime. The task of the game will be that we have to possibly change our identity, find who framed us, and stop what they are about to do next. I absolutely love this idea. However we are still bouncing off some ideas, but should have a clear indication of what our video game theme will exactly be by the end of this weekend.

Similar to creating a video game; which will hopefully include audio, visual, and video elements. We are also going to create canvas flyers to advertise our game while also producing a trailer to showcase it as well. We think this will really bring all the different elements we have learned in this course together. Likewise we want people to get excited about our game so what better way than to advertise it than on different platforms with different media!

A couple of sites we are looking at to use to complete the game is twine, BuildBox, and wix. By exploring these this weekend we will know what platforms we want to rely on for our game by the start of Monday.

This week has been stress free in terms of this course, I can’t really say the same about some of my other courses. However, I am extremely excited to see our final mission come to life next week. Here’s to the last moments of the semester and hopefully a successful project!


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