Mission 11: Complete

Week 11 is complete and I can’t help but think about how close we are to the end of the semester. It’s hard to imagine what this past couple of months would have been like without ds106.

Unlike last week this week was much more relaxed for me. I am so glad I decided to choose the group video as opposed to the individual assignment because I felt a bit of pressure come off my shoulders. I love the individual assignments we do in the assignment bank, however two weeks of back to back 10 star video assignments was the opposite of what I wanted to do. I don’t mean this in disrespect I just would have rather built upon something else, like the group video!

By choosing to do the group video show it allowed for my previous group mates and I to elaborate on our radio show concept. I was extremely satisfied with our radio show “Girl Power”, however I wanted to expand on it more because I felt like there was more to it. The opportunity to create a group video show was the perfect chance for us to explore our original idea further.

So for those who haven’t been reading my blog posts, this week for me personally mainly consisted of filming and editing our video show “Girl Power”, which is an extension of our radio show “Girl Power”. The video is another platform where we discuss female agents in the secret agent genre and how we can further diversify the theme. Likewise we really emphasize and touch on women empowerment which is an important discussion to have within society today.

To start the week I wrote in a blog post about the upcoming filming plans we had for our show. I discuss some of the things we will be talking about within “Girl Power” and further layout an outline we created that we were going to follow throughout filming. This was a short and sweet progress post to help myself and others see where we were at.

Following that, I posted another progress update about post filming. In my blog post I talked about how filming went and discussed what worked and what didn’t. I broke down how we filmed and the need for commercials in our show. So with that I created a commercial/trailer on iMovie that will air during “Girl Power”. Likewise my other group mates were making commercials as well. Furthermore I mentioned how were in the editing stage and that our video should be arriving shortly. Lastly I emphasized how we were adding an intro, credit, and most importantly sound effects. The sound effects we use will really make our show come to life and appear as if it is an actual television show with an audience.

Check out the commercial I made below!

And now… I bring to you… our finalized video show “Girl Power”!

We would love any comments and feedback from anyone! This ended turning out to be an awesome show and we hope we can use the skills we learned by creating this video in the future!

From there I started another blog post that touched on a couple ideas for a potential mission in ds106. We have engaged in many missions throughout our time in this course, however our think our last one is approaching soon. In my post I talk about three potential ideas I came up with that could suit as awesome missions. The three entail; decoding fingerprints, figuring out the clues left to a bomb, and creating a secret agency. Check out the post to see what mission you want to do!

As usual the daily creates were a blast this week. I participated in the required three and enjoyed every bit of it. My favorite I think was having to come up with a caption for a photo. I loved the photo and caption I made for my own personal create, but more so I loved my classmates responses to the create. Their images and captions were incredibly creative and certainly made me laugh. The create that asked us to name things that are titled with their size was harder than I thought. I think it was hard because I didn’t want to copy anyone even thought thats next to impossible.

Finally but not least I continued to comment and partake in choosing the blog post of the week. This is essentially a routine at this point and nothing out of the ordinary. I still love getting and giving feed back!

Another fun filled week complete, here’s to the final weeks left in the semester and ds106!

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