Mission 12: Complete

Closer and closer to the end we come!

This week was all about mashups and remixes. Probably like everyone else I am familiar with the two, however something I learned this week was the true distinction between the two. For anyone who is curious at what the difference is… a mashup refers to the mixing of media/content of from disparate places, while a remix is usually a creative edit of one form of media.

Either way both involve creating something new from work that has been previously made. Going into the week I was glad I was given a clear distinction between the two, it made completing assignments easier.

To start the week I completed the required 10 stars of mashup assignments. I first began with a 5 star assignment called storytelling through text. This assignment asked that you create one of those videos that captures text messages telling a story. I’ve seen commercials that have done this before so I was immediately excited to get started on this. In my blog post I discuss the ways in which I approached this assignment, the tools used to capture it, and my inspiration. Ultimately I created a story through text that involved my secret agent Juliet Stones. It’s a tale that suspenseful and leaves you wanting more. Check it our below!

I then moved on to completing my 10 stars of mashup assignments, by finishing with another 5 star assignment. This assignment was called Animoji karaoke which asked that individuals create an Animoji and lip sing a particular song. I loved this assignment because animoji’s are so fun and karaoke is my absolute favorite, I couldn’t have thought of a better combo. In my blog post I discuss why I decided to create an Animoji for my secret agent Juliet Stones. Like the past assignment I wanted to incorporate my character somehow, so I created her. In addition to that I discuss in my post the reasoning for me singing the perry the platypus theme song from the popular television show Phineas and Ferb. Look at my Animoji below!

Once I finished up with the mashup portion of assignments I moved right into remixing two previous assignments I had already participated in. One assignment I remixed was visual, while the other was design. All I had to do was go to the assignment I wanted to remix and simply just hit the “remix it” button.

The first assignment I remixed was called places of peace, a visual assignment. In my blog post I talk about how I remixed this assignment with a Dr. Suess twist. Instead of posting four places of peace, I posted four different places or images from a famous Dr. Suess book. I call this particular remix “Oh The Places…”. Take a look at my images and further read up on my reasoning and creative process.

The following remix assignment I completed was a design assignment called charity ad. This assignment originally asked that you create a charity ad for any real or fake charity you may want. Likewise it was an assignment I had completed earlier in the semester. When I hit the remix button I was given the challenge of placing Where’s Waldo on the original ad I had created. I love Where’s Waldo so I thought this was a super cute way to incorporate a new idea into a previously created assignment. In my blog post I discuss how I took to canva to make the changes and further put the finishing touches on my remix. This ultimately ended being a super simple, however fun assignment.

Moving on with my week I then took to completing a blog post that discussed a possible mission remix for our final missions coming up in ds106. I talk about the original mission I came up with and why I further want to explore it. The mission is that us agents are given five clues and have to decode the location to a secretly placed bomb. I then explain how I want to combine my final mission with Christiana’s mission. I love how she mentioned possibly creating a video game with Wix leading to numerous choices and outcomes within the game. I believe combing our two ideas would work perfectly.

Finally I ended my completion of blog posts for the week with one final post regarding a tutorial. I decided to put together a tutorial to help other futures ds106ers with an assignment. The assignment I chose to make a tutorial for was called story map. This assignment asks that you use Knightlab StoryMap to create a virtual timeline that documents a trip you took. Since I am incredibly familiar with this site from previous classes, putting together this tutorial was really easy. I simply just used quicktime player to screen record my computer and display how to make a map on this site. I had little sticky notes to the side of my screen as well to jot down notes for viewers. Check out my tutorial below!

Lastly here are my two daily creates for this week!

Per usual I continued to comment on my classmates posts and partake in the blog post of the week. That being said I am looking forward to next week and getting started on our final missions! It’s so exciting and bittersweet that the semester is creeping to an end.

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