Mission 7: Complete

Spring break is finally here and I can’t believe we’re already half way through the semester! This week flew by with the assigned radio show project handed out at the beginning of the week. Since most of this week was focused on making progress in that particular area I think I can say it was a fairly successful week.

I started this week off by communicating with my group about our overall theme and concept. We created a google doc and have a group chat where we have been discussing what we want to do in regards to the content of our radio show. My groups radio show is “Girl Power” and will focus on female secret agents. The goal of our show is to discuss these agents and see how the secret agent genre can be diversified.

From my groups initial conversation we decided to utilize the audio assignments assigned this week to create content for “Girl Power”. That being said I first began the weeks activities by creating a bumper, which happens to be a four star assignment in the audio assignment bank. For our radio show we need to have a particular amount of bumpers that remind viewers what they’re listening to. So with that, in a blog post I discussed how I created my bumper through audacity and shared the inspiration for it. I ultimately created something that incorporates the Incredibles theme song to promote female secret agents like Elasti Girl and Violet., while also reminding listeners they’re tuned in to “Girl Power”.

Following the creation of my bumper I decided to work on another audio assignment that would go towards our radio show. With that I created a fictional radio ad which was a four and a half star audio assignment. This assignment asked that individuals make a radio commercial for any real or fictional company. So I decided to use audacity to make an ad that advertised secret agent Perry the Platypus’s famous fedoras. In my blog post I talk about how Agent P has opened a line of female fedoras to enhance their secret agent look and missions. I did this to show the cross over of a male agent tapping into the female agent world. I thought this was something silly yet creative. I wanted some kind of merchandise sold on our radio show “Girl Power” and I think this commercial did exactly that because it is promoting items specified for female agents.

Finally I ended my work this week in terms of audio assignments on a two star assignment called sound effects. This brought me to ten and a half stars which ultimately met the required ten. This assignment asked that individuals make a track using sound effects they either recorded or acquired from free sound. I ultimately created a track through audacity using clips from free sound and part of a song I recorded. In my blog post I talk about how I created a something that could be used in my groups radio show “Girl Power”. I was inspired to make a track that could be used as an intro back to the show after a commercial and as background music that we could possibly talk over. I express in my post while it may not be used in our show it could potentially help in giving ideas for sound effects and background music.

Once I finished the audio assignments and creating content for my groups radio show project for the week, I decided to make a promo poster for our show! This was a super fun assignment and probably my favorite from the week. I used one of my favorite graphic design site, canva, to make my poster. Through the site I used a template that overall helped with the foundation of my poster. In my blog post I share why I made the stylistic choices that I did and how I got inspired to create it. I dwell on the idea that this was another great way to get thinking and working on our projects. Likewise it was great to see my group members also create some pretty awesome promo pieces for our show “Girl Power”.

Promo Poster

As my week was coming to an end I wrote a blog post that discusses my groups progress on our radio show. In this post I talk about what we have come up with so far for our show. Essentially we have put together a rough, but strong outline of how we are most likely going to conduct “Girl Power”. The outline contains the main ideas we want to touch on and includes a couple of examples. Furthermore I talk about how each of us have already contributed to creating content for “Girl Power” by making bumpers and commercials. Likewise I discuss how over the course of the next two weeks we will be bringing our show together and utilizing our time to the fullest. Editing will play a huge role!

Finally like always I did three daily creates this week. I had fun with these particular ones and was able to expand on my creativity some more. My favorite one I think was the one that asked what is our current biggest mystery, I thought my answer was funny but also very accurate.

As usual I continued to comment on my classmates work and posts this week. I felt this was a crucial part of the week because with our radio show projects we want as much feedback and help as possible. I wanted to strive to give my classmates what I hope they would give me. It’s so much easier giving and receiving feedback, it ultimately makes your work so much better.

Happy spring break and good luck to my fellow classmates working on their radio show projects, we’re in this together!

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