Mission 8: Complete

Another week down and a radio show complete!

Surprisingly this was the first week of ds 106 where I felt I wasn’t engulfed with numerous projects or work. This week was really dedicated to finishing our radio shows and further producing content to fill it. Before diving into to what was done in terms of our show, I just want to say I enjoyed really focusing and working on one particular project or aspect of this class during this week. I think it allowed for me to kind of take a step back and breathe, while also putting my effort into one main thing. While I enjoy the weekly assignments from the assignment bank that we typically do, I liked how there was a lack there of . It was different.

Like I mentioned earlier, this week was to finish our radio show projects. My group throughout the week finalized our radio show “Girl Power”, a show dedicated to discussing women in the secret agent genre looking to empower and diversify it. In my blog post regarding our week two progression of the project I touch on how my group came together and organized and designed our project in a creative and concise way. Prior to recording, my group discussed our outline and began structuring the main idea for each segment, along with how to introduce it. We went back and forth about creating a script or not and ultimately decided it would be less tedious if we just treated our show like a conversation without a script. The idea of “Girl Power” being free flowing and casual-like is what we really wanted to emphasize.

By communicating through text and our google doc were able to come together and organize the overall concept and break down of our show. From there we then were actually able to come together and physically record “Girl Power”. With a clear outline put together it was simple to further assemble our show. Three of our four members were able to physically get together at one location and record while one member, Caty, lives out of state. With that in mind, we designed her role in the show as a caller who is calling in to add input to the show. This worked perfectly and was able to add a bit of depth to “Girl Power”.

After a mere hour and a half of recording “Girl Power” was complete. We structured our recording process based off of our various segments. Segments included; the overall concept of our show, why it’s important to discuss female agents, specific examples of female agents (Kim Possible, Elasti girl, etc.), their appearance, interviews, and the future of women in the secret agent genre. Using audacity to put together our project we were able to record roughly each segment separately. By stopping our recording after one particular part it allowed us to gather our thoughts and ideas again for the next segment. This was incredibly efficient and helpful in producing our show. Throughout recording we added creative elements such as twitter polls to bring in an outside audience, interviewed actual female agents, and added various music and sound effects to spice up the show.

Once the recording process was finished each member sent Christiana their bumpers and commercials that were created in week seven of the class and week one of the project. What really helped us was that we knocked the bumpers and commercials out earlier in the project process so come this final week we didn’t have to worry about putting them together. This allowed for her and Katie to edit and add them into “Girl Power” to further make our show come to life. By editing and tweaking this led to the conclusion of our show and the overall creation process. Coming to a little over 30 minutes, our group put together a strong show tackling the various ideas of our classes theme in a way that brought a different perspective. By focusing on females in the secret agent genre we looked at important arguments and issues at hand in our society. Our hopes of emphasizing women empowerment, specifically sought to bring awareness and start a conversation that is necessary to have.

So with that drum roll please… I bring you “Girl Power”!

Following writing up my week two radio progress and creating the actual show itself I also participated in two daily creates this week. Like always I love these and continued my to expand my creativity. Honestly I kind of like it when we are required to do more creates because they are so fun and quick to do. My favorite one this week was the create that asked what’s out your window. I liked this because it allowed me to use a pretty photo I had captured at a winery. I’m glad I was able to share it’s beauty with the twitter verse and our class.

Finally we were asked to continue to comment on individuals work this week. I felt this was something that was hard to do because most people were working on their radio shows and their wasn’t much to post. That being said I haven’t commented much yet, however I plan on commenting once I see individuals post their progress and their shows! I am incredibly excited to see all shows everyone has created.

With that, that brings an end to week eight and I am certainly sad to see our radio show projects come to an end. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week and all the excited and creativity we continue to indulge in!

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