Mission 9: Complete

Another busy week completed here in digital storytelling 106. Since turning in our radio show projects last week, this week came in full force with a heavy, but exciting work load. Our main focus this week was exploring the web and the storytelling that’s told within it. In order to learn web storytelling we were instructed to partake in numerous activities to further expand our knowledge in this area.

Truthfully I wasn’t sure what to expect this week, however I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I decided to do this week was complete the web assignments that were assigned. In order to complete the 8 stars required I went to the web assignment bank and chose a three star and 2, two and a half star assignments.

I decided to start off with a two and a half star assignment called google draw something. In my blog post I talk about how this simple assignment is through google draw in which the computer gives individuals 6 various images to draw allowing 20 seconds for each. While you attempt to draw these images google attempts to guess them. This assignment was fun in that it required you to quickly think on your feet and come up with an image. Likewise it was fascinating how quickly google as able to figure out the images I was drawing. I am no artist, hence the title of my blog post, but I was amazed at how the computer was able to spit out the correct answer. I feel as if this was an interesting way to tell a story, without words the images told them themselves. Once I completed this assignment I took to twitter and shared my work with my fellow classmates.

Google Draw Something Assignment

The next assignment I did was a three star assignment called guess that story. This assignment asked that students find and use five gifs to tell a story by providing a couple of hints with each gif. Ultimately these five gifs are suppose to tell or hint at a story and the individuals viewing them are suppose to attempt at guessing it. In my blog post I provide 5 gifs which I found on giphy, a super awesome site that allows you to download any gif. From there I attached a hint to each one in hopes to help viewers. The story I was hinting at was the television show Kim Possible. I chose this because I wanted to tie it back to my groups radio show “Girl Power” where we discuss females in the secret agent genre. I felt the gifs I used were perfect for telling the story of Kim Possible. I loved how this assignment allowed for me to use storytelling within the web but through a creative way. By using gifs it made the story come to life even if it actually wasn’t playing out in front of you.

Here’s one of the gifs I used to tell my story, check out my blog post to see the rest!

The final assignment I did was a two and a half star assignment known as create a finsta Instagram. This essentially asked that you create an Instagram for a character other than yourself. I felt this was a great way to create an Instagram account for my groups radio show project “Girl Power”. In my blog post I discussed how this could be used to promote and share ideas that were talked about within the show. I like how what I created can be further expanded and used in the future if we were to go back and add more to our project. It certainly in itself tells a story of our radio show and helps brings it to life. Here’s one of the Instagram posts below!

Once I finished my web assignments I decided to revisit one of my previous assignments in this course and revise it in some way. In my blog post I talk about how I chose a design assignment and what led me to picking that particular one. Ultimately I recreated a travel brochure I made back in week six. Originally I was impressed with my work, but when I looked back at it I was unamused. The colors didn’t work, the fonts were all over the place, the photos were cheesy, and all and all it just looked more disheveled than I thought. I realized that I now have a better grasp at what design is and I wanted to further prove that in my recreation. So with that I took to canva and made a new and improved travel brochure that tells a better story and better compliments itself. I truly love my recreation!

Revised Brochure Front
Revised Brochure Back

Following that I tuned in on Tuesday even to ds106 radio to listen to my classmates radio shows! I was really excited to give them a listen, I know I had a lot of fun creating this project and I wanted to see how others turned out. That evening I specifically listened to Secret Agent Power Hour which was a radio show that played and discussed songs through the various ages of secret agent films. In my blog post about this particular assignment I emphasized how I really loved this specific show. It was very laid-back and was almost soothing to listen to. The songs played were great and the hosts were awesome by providing specific background information about each song. This further aided me in understanding the music more. I certainly recommend listening to this amazing show. I also took to twitter and participated in a live tweet along sharing my thoughts about the show! Check out my tweets…

Finally for one last big assignment of the week I participated in something called web storytelling. This assignment requested that we in some way change the content, story, or intent of a previous made website. Initially I was thinking what in the world is this and how am I suppose to change a website. But after a slight panic attack I found that it was really easy and I enjoyed it more than ever. In my blog post I talk about the simple steps I had to take to complete this assignment. All I needed to do was download firefox and mozilla x-ray goggle tools. By simply using these I was able to recreate a site by basically looking at it as an x-ray, pretty cool huh? So with that I change the intent of the website pet finder. Ultimately I created a site called sidekick finder in which secret agents can search for various sidekicks if they need or want one. I was inspired to tell this story because my character Juliet Stones has a furry sidekick, a pup. So I felt it would be cool to make a site that allows for spies to come and search for one. I mainly just changed the original intent and content of the site, I wish I could have adjusted colors and photos but I was unsure how. Any who I really liked the assignment and loved what I created. Check out my site here! Also the images I took of it are as seen below.

Lastly this week like usual I participated in three daily creates. However a twist was added this week. We needed to connect our daily creates in a story in some way. At first I thought this was going to be a difficult assignment because I was unsure of how to take my three creates and connect them. That being said I found a fun way to tell a story of Perry the Platypus saving the day yet again. I was really impressed with myself for coming up with a story so quickly. While it certainly could’ve been better I think I did a good job in finding a way to connect three completely different creates. In my blog post you can check out the story I created! Here are the three creates I participated in…

And top off the week I continued with commenting and choosing my blog posts of the week. Continuing to build connections with classmates is great and helping one another out with providing feedback is awesome!

I’m happy this week has come to an end though, it certainly was a busy. With that I’m looking forward to next coming week, bring on the work!

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