Secret Agent Week 1

The first week back is always hectic. In my eye’s it essentially sets up and previews what is to come within the semester. When reading the syllabus and looking at this weeks assignments my immediate reaction was panic. I have taken several online classes before that required the use of numerous digital mediums but for some reason I initially was nervous about this course.

Writing this about a week later I can breathe a sigh of relief because firstly, I survived and secondly, it wasn’t bad at all. I think I just overwhelmed myself with the information provided to me. That being said I am glad I was given so much information upfront about this course. I now know what to expect and am actually excited for the challenges I will face and accomplishes I will make. I am sure many of my classmates feel the same.

The first task I completed this week was to create a subdomain for ds106. I have much experience with domain of ones. In numerous digital studies classes I have been asked to create a domain or subdomain dedicated to my work making me incredibly familiar with the set up process. That being said I decided upon making a subdomain for this class because I wanted all of my work in one designated place for everyone to view. The site is fairly basic right now and needs work, but it already contains a couple posts and is in the making to really fit our theme for the semester. Here is my subdomain. Once I created it I wrote a simple blog post, Hello Digital Storytelling 106!, introducing myself to any viewers. I felt this was necessary so people got a general idea of who I am and what this site was for.

After this I registered my blog so our class has access to all of my posts. This was also a fairly easy task. Something I had never done before, but easy.

This week I created new accounts on platforms such as youtube, twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud that will be utilized for my work in ds106. I am extremely familiar with these applications and experienced no complications while creating them. I designed each site to display some individuality about myself so others could potentially have the opportunity to get to know me more. It’s hard to build relationships with classmates when we meet daily online so I hope these accounts provide some information about myself. There’s still more I can add, however.

Here are my main pages for the accounts I created:

Upon making my youtube, twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud accounts, I took to each to introduce myself. It wasn’t anything incredibly formal but a quick introduction on each to give substance to a name. Overall viewers, classmates, and whoever learned in sum that I am a senior here at UMW majoring in communications and digital studies with a minor in sports management. I have been a member on women’s varsity soccer team at the university for four years now and am incredibly passionate about sports. My hobbies include eating, reading, hanging with friends and family, sports, and more. You can find my blog post containing all of my introductions here. Likewise my first works of media are below without the blog post.

One of the final things I did this week was explore the secret agent theme. I am fairly familiar with the term secret agent and what it entails, however I am not an expert. In my blog post, Secret Agent 106, I discuss what the theme and term mean to me, what it makes me think of, and my hopes for utilizing it this semester. I am certainly excited to explore this theme and see what we as a class and myself do with it. In my previous classes there has never been a theme for the semester and I think what I so far enjoy about this course is that there is a theme. Some may see that as limiting, however I don’t think it will limit our abilities as to what we create. Having said that I am not too sure how we are going to use it but I am intrigued to find out.

Finally, I attempted to partake in one of the daily creates. I think the daily create is a great way to build creativity and get individuals thinking. I believe I am a creative person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it always comes easy. The daily create will certainly help me expand my creativity and allow me to partake in something simple yet thought provoking. I know we as a class weren’t assigned to do one this week, however I went ahead and tried one out for the sake of being daring.

I think my biggest fear coming into this week was getting behind. In the beginning we were provided with so much information that I felt that if I wasn’t on top of everything I’d suffer. Looking back I was stressing for nothing, yes there was much to do this week and there is certainly more to come, however I have already learned to be on top of my work and take one thing at a time. I am looking forward to future assignments and projects in this class. Here’s to a thrilling semester!

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